Tuesday, 31 August 2010

At Last!

On my way home on Friday I found the Cambridgeshire Police stopping all motor vehicles on the Oakington Airfield Road, issuing tickets (I'm assuming £60 fixed penalties) for violating the No Vehicles directive.

They told me that on that day so far they had issued 70 and had done more than that the day before.
They also commented that the traffic had been relentless and constant!

I was just reminded that one driver was found to have no drivers license; I actually saw the foolish chap walking back into Longstanton carrying several bags & (presumably) moaning on a mobile phone.

That's (about) 200 dumb or arrogant drivers slapped on the wrist for breaking a law they clearly think doesn't apply to them. I was even lucky enough to witness a truck and two motorbikes getting tickets whilst 4 cyclist were passing by.

Just as I arrived, the infamous black Audi RJ52NXS who works at J. Kilborn & Son, was driving off looking very angry. Ha ha! Serves you right, nasty so-and-so.

Amazingly as I left the airfield road there was a trio of cars about to enter and they actually had the cheek to slow down and ask me if the Police were still there. Naturally I said "no." :-D

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